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October 25 Birthday Astrology

Persistent, persevering — when they achieve a leading position, they wish to maintain it at all costs. What threatens them? They look into the future with great confidence, but their hopes can be let down. They should be feared as an enemy. For even if it seems they have forgiven a wrong done to them — they forget nothing and take painful vengeance.

If your birthday is on October 25 your zodiac sign is Scorpio. Go to the next page and see most famous October 25 Birthdays.

Personality and Character

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October 25th — zodiac sign If your birthday is on October 25 your zodiac sign is Scorpio. Birthday Personality — October 25 character : natural, cautious, dedicated, wasteful, playful, touchy; profession : accountant, historian, orthopaedist; colors : cream, blue, claret; stone : amethyst; animal : Bearded Dragon; plant : Japanese holly; lucky numbers : 16,29,34,38,46,51 power lucky number : 32 Advertisements.

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October Related Posts. Your ambition can be unmatched at times, as you are willing to work tirelessly to meet the goals that you create for yourself.

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  5. Your passion runs deep, but your composure allows you to appear calm and calculated to those around you. Your outward reserve is so well-developed, that even your friends and family struggle to understand you. You are very comfortable in the seas of emotions, at times experiencing strong waves. Your connection to water allows you to understand your own emotions, but it also allows you to realize when others are also experiencing troubled waters.

    October 25th Zodiac - Astrology Zodiac Signs

    Pluto drives you to be better, to be successful and to grow. You want the best out of all aspects of life, but especially your financial and emotional standing. Your ambition can be your greatest asset, but it can become detrimental to your personal life if you become too involved in your personal goals.